Starts September 16th

We believe getting to know yourself is the most important part of creating a life you love

Our goal here at Big Life Experiment is to help you jump into the driving seat of your life and share with you simple techniques to understand and master your mind.

We aim to equip you with the building blocks to:

To ditch playing small and start PLAYING BIG.

Become a Big Life Creator

Big Life Roadmap

Get To Know Yourself on a Deeper Level So You Can Create A Life You Love


Unpack who you are and what you actually want in life so you are clear about the direction you want to head in


Upgrade your mindset, beliefs and identity by reprogramming your subconscious so nothing is holding you back


Design your vision and an action plan of how you'll move towards it. Get ready to unleash your transformation on the world

Bitesize Meditation Starter Kit

Meditation is one of the foundations of getting to know yourself at a deeper level.

We’ll teach you the foundations of this lifelong practice with our simple step-by-step-system so you can take control of your mind and life.

Here at Big Life Experiment we want to help you get to know who you are so you can create a life you want.

Our aim is to inspire you to try new things and start living life on your terms.

We spent years being dissatisfied dreamers.

We were in the rat race. Working to pay the bills and sky-high rent, while steadily moving ourselves up the career ladder and living for the weekend. 

Things were ‘good’ but not fulfilling. We never enjoyed following the ‘prescribed life’ as we like to call it and we realised we were living a life others expected of us rather than something that was true to ourselves.

We were living on autopilot and we wanted to be in the drivers seat.

So we decided to take control and start creating our Big Life.

We started experimenting and opening our minds to different ideas and practices.

There’s been a lot of fucking up and falling down over the last decade.

A lot of tough conversations and hard truths.

We still haven’t got life all figured out, (we don’t think anyone has).

But through consistent work and consistent learning, we’ve gained a lot of insights, learnt some valuable lessons and started living life on our terms.

In order to live your best life, we believe you need to get to know yourself and take messy action towards your dreams.

Because YOU are unique and what works for someone else’s life might not work for yours.

So YOU make our own rules. And play YOUR OWN game.

Because life is one big experiment.