Big Life Experiment merges meditation, mindset and lifestyle to provide knowledge, tools and ideas to help you to learn and grow so you can create the best version of you and a better life.


So before we get our white coats on and start figuring shit out, please allow me a moment to be honest with you.

I haven’t got life all figured out.

I don’t think anyone has.

But I have been experimenting and opening my mind and body up to different ideas and practices since I was 19.

Working on myself mentally, physically and spiritually for nearly 20 years.

And there’s been a lot of fucking up and falling down.

A lot of tough conversations and hard truths.

But through consistent work and consistent learning, I’ve learnt a lot of lessons, gained some insights and figured a few things out.


While my career in television was different to your standard job, I was still very much a part of the rat race.

Working to pay the bills and sky-high rent, while steadily moving myself up the career ladder.

But it was never how I wanted my life to be, because I’ve never enjoyed following the rules or wanted to follow the ‘prescribed life’ as I like to call it.

But somehow I fell into it.

So while I hopped on the treadmill of life with everyone else, I decided that along the way I would start learning and experimenting with different things to improve my life and to get to know myself a little bit better.

And as part of that journey I created Big Life Experiment, so I can share with you what I’m learning and experimenting with.

So I can share my personal stories and insights, along with my knowledge and ideas that will help you to understand yourself better.

And inspire you to try new things and make changes that will help you to create a better life and the best version of you.

And maybe it might help you figure some shit out too.

So you can play the game of life with your own rules.


But in order to figure out who you are and how you want to live your best life, I feel it’s important to learn.

To learn different perspectives and different ideas.

To question yourself and everything you’ve been taught.

To play and be curious.

To try things out and experiment.

Because the best way to learn and figure things out is through playing just like kids do.

And finally to be still and take a break from all the doing, so you can get to know yourself and figure out who you truly are

So you can become the best version of YOU and start to live the life you really want.



Because YOU are unique.

And what works for someone else’s life might not work for yours.

So YOU make our own rules.

And play YOUR OWN game.

Because life is one big experiment.


I spent a lot of my life battling mental health issues, dealing with depression, anxiety and unresolved grief.

Grappling with low self-esteem, low self-confidence and poor self-discipline.

I’ve been lost, confused and misunderstood.

And it was only when I started meditating that these things really started to shift.

Through meditation I’ve become skilled at processing grief, working through depression and anxiety, navigating stressful situations and effectively managing my emotions to cope with a high-pressured career and a marriage breakdown.

I’ve done the deep inner work on myself which has allowed me to be with my pain and my challenging thoughts, feelings and emotions.

To be with a mind that was filled with problems and stories that were holding me back from living the life of my dreams.

Holding me back from being true to my self. From being me.

Meditation helped me to heal some wounds and to create an inner strength that has cultivated self-discipline, self-belief and self-confidence.

It is the foundation from which I have rebuilt and redesigned my life.

And I have no doubt that with time and practice, that meditation can do the same for you!


For over a decade I’ve been on a journey of inner transformation which has seen me learn and experiment with different tools and ideas to improve my life.

I’ve invested thousands of hours in self-development content from books and podcasts to courses and workshops, opening my mind to new ways of thinking and new ways of being.

Which has unlocked the door to a life filled with new possibilities.


I like doing things differently.

Trying the unconventional.

Enjoying different experiences.

Living consciously.

Whether it’s cold showers first thing in the morning, becoming a minimalist or using tech more mindfully.

Because if there’s a chance it will help me grow or improve my life I’ll give it a crack.

But also because I’m curious and I like to play and experiment.

Because I find it fun to try new things.

It’s not just about constant improvement. It’s also about enjoying the journey and not just the result.

And honestly, not everything I do makes my life better.

And that’s fine with me.

If it improves my life then great.

If not, I’ve either learned something or just simply enjoyed the experience.

So now you know what I’m about and what Big Life Experiment can offer you, let’s start making your rules!