Meditation can help you take control of your mind...and your life!

Bust through the common blocks holding YOU back from experiencing meditation’s transformative benefits.

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So What's Inside?

Meditation is the SIMPLEST and MOST POWERFUL tool to help you create the life you want.

Learn the 7 common roadblocks holding you back and the solutions to overcome them .

Discover why meditation is so powerful and how it can help you transform multiple areas of your life.


Hey there, we're Cathy & Joe!


We’re corporate escapees, coffee lovers, adventurers and founders of Big Life Experiment.

11 years ago we were running the rat race working in high-stress jobs when we both went through breakdowns that turned into breakthroughs because they served as a wake up call to the fact we weren’t living life on our terms.

Since then we’ve been on a journey to create the life we wanted and the foundation for our transformation was meditation.

At first it helped us to deal with stress and overwhelm of living in a big city with high-pressured jobs, but as we continued to practice over months and years, we got so many more benefits.

We transformed our habits, our lifestyle and our mindset.

We stopped living our life on auto-pilot, took back control of our minds and got into the driver’s seat of our life.

We believe that meditation is the gateway to a more fulfilling life!

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