Why it’s Important to Guard Your Mind

Every day you have multiple streams of information coming into your mind, into your consciousness.

I’m talking about the news you consume, the entertainment you watch, the books you read, the websites you check out, the podcasts you listen to.

Some you’re aware of.

Some you’re not.

And some you cannot choose.

But many you can.

It even includes your friends and your family, your relationships with them and the conversations you have.

Guarding the Inputs Into Your Mind

All these things are inputs into your life and you can choose which one’s you plug in and which one’s you give limited access to.

And which one’s we block out altogether.

Every input in your life affects you whether you’re conscious of it or not.

Becoming Aware of the Inputs Into Your Mind and How They Affect You

When you’re sharing your dreams with people the way they respond is going to influence you.

Most likely, the response will either be positive or negative. And if the response is negative your dreams can get crushed in an instant.

So are the people you spend time with making your life better?

Are they lifting you up?

Or are they dragging you down?

The stories you see and read in the news can imprint ideas in your mind and influence your perception of the world.

So does the news you consume add value to your life?

How does it affect your thoughts and feelings?

Is it making you see the world in a negative way; perhaps making you fearful, worried or anxious?

What you read, watch and listen to can MASSIVELY impact you.

Their influence over you can be HUGE.

Think of it like food. When you eat nutritious food it makes you feel great and it improves your life.

What you allow into your mind also requires the same care and attention taken over it.

Because what you allow in can drive a lot of your decisions and choices.

So becoming aware of your inputs and how they affect you is vital.

If you’re discerning with what you choose to let in you can create a much better life for yourself.


‘Every day stand guard at the door of your mind. Every input you let in is a seed and that seed can either become a life-enhancing tree or a poisonous weed.’

Joe Lurie

How Do You Guard Your Mind?

One way to increase your awareness of what inputs you let in to your life is through meditation.

Meditation can help you to become more vigilant about the inputs in your life.

It can help guard your minds because a meditation practice trains you in the art of awareness.

And when you improve your awareness by meditating, this translates to improved awareness in your everyday life.

The more you improve your awareness, the more aware you become aware of the inputs in your life and the way each one affects you.

Meditation essentially helps you become a security guard for your mind.

And when you become more protective over your inputs and take charge of how you feed our mind, body and soul, you can radically improve the life you create for yourself.