Helping unfulfilled 9-5ers create life on their terms so they can experience more purpose, freedom and fulfilment.


Our mission at Big Life Experiment is to help unfulfilled 9-5ers reconnect with who they are and reprogram their mind so they jump into the driver’s seat of their life and explore their potential.

We go against the status quo, say NO to a life on auto-pilot and YES to a life of purpose, freedom and fulfillment.


Learn our powerful self-discovery framework to get clarity on your ideal life - aka your BIG LIFE

Hey, we're Cathy & Joe

Founders of Big Life Experiment

In 2019 we escaped our media careers to become Subconscious Transformation Coaches and Big Life Adventurers after spending years hating our jobs dreaming of a different life.

We had ticked all the traditional boxes of success (good grades, good university, good career) yet felt unfulfilled with our ‘nice life’.

We were lost and unfulfilled living a life expected of us – what we call ‘The Prescribed Life’ – rather than one we had consciously designed ourselves.

After both experiencing burnouts in 2009 we dived deep into inner work to take back control of our mind and life. 

On our journey of inner transformation we redefined our priorities, gained valuable insights and learnt powerful tools to help us create life on our terms and we’re now on a mission to help others create their BIG LIFE too.

Ready to reinvent yourself and redesign your life?

An epic journey of self-discovery & subconscious transformation to help you design
your dream life and start making it a reality so you can get unstuck, ditch your 9to5
and finally experience more purpose, freedom and fulfillment


We've helped 400+ students start their journey of self-discovery

and subconscious transformation to create a BIG LIFE

Cathy & Joe are fantastic coaches. They are both very knowledgeable and have such a warm, positive and encouraging energy that immediately makes you feel comfortable and supported.
Cathy & Joe are masters of self-development. Through their guidance and direction you are forced to take stock of everything that does and doesn’t matter in your life."
Cathy and Joe are world class and my kinda people. They are both vulnerable and humble as well as having the leadership to move anyone in the right direction.