Sometimes It’s Good to Just Say Fuck It

Fuck it. Possibly my two favourite words because when I use them I know I’m following my heart or my intuition.

I know that I’m doing something that feels right or exciting.

And the reason for the strong language?

Because when I use these two words I’m usually trying to overcome some sort of blockage or resistance.

Fear, anxiety, insecurity or doubt.

Procrastination, overthinking or perfectionism.

I’ve probably been going round and round in my head trying to decide what to do.

‘Should I…’

‘What if…’

‘What about…’

‘I’m not sure….’

‘Maybe if I….’

‘But if I do that, then….’

‘What will they think…’

And then….



No more conversations.

No more back and forth.

No more fucking around.


Whatever IT is…

I’m letting go of all those thoughts of what the right thing to do is.

I’ve stopped worrying about what people might think.

Or if it will work out.

When I started my creating my business I was filled with all these thoughts.

I was doing lots of learning and planning.

Doing research and coming up with ideas.

Getting ready to launch, but I just kept putting it off.

I wasn’t ready.

Until one day I decided to say ‘FUCK IT’.

And I launched WELL before I was ready to.

No plan or strategy.

I just started putting myself out there without everything being clearly mapped out or thought through.

And it felt great because I pushed through the fear, anxiety and self-judgment that was holding me back.

I stopped worrying and thinking and started doing.

I started taking action.

And since that ‘fuck it‘ moment I’ve changed a lot of things about my business.

So was saying fuck it the ‘best’ thing to do?

To ‘start before I was ready,’ without a clear plan or strategy.

Maybe. Maybe not. I’ll never know.

But I don’t have any regrets in starting before I was ready because I learnt a lot by taking action, which was far more important than getting it right.

And perhaps if I hadn’t of said fuck it, you wouldn’t be reading this right now.

When you’re doing something well outside your comfort zone I’ve found it’s often best to start before you’re ‘ready’, because it’s far more important to breakthrough the obstacle that’s holding you back.

And in the case of my business my barrier was fear.

FEAR. That motherfucker that holds us back from doing a LOT of things in our life we really want to.

And for many years I let that FEAR stand for Fuck Everything and Run.

I just didn’t have the inner strength to overcome it.

And it held me back from living a life true to me.

It held me back from unleashing my potential.

But now, after doing a lot of inner work to heal and shift my mindset I’m choosing a different path.

I’m choosing a different FEAR.

A fear that stands for Face Everything and Rise.

Instead of allowing all the anxiety, doubt and self-judgement to hold me back.

But I’m not fearless.

I’ve still got plenty of fears to push through.

But instead of running away, I’m confronting them and choosing to be courageous because one day I’m going to die.

And I don’t want to be sitting there in my rocking chair looking back at a life filled with regret wishing I’d done things differently.

So next time you have a big decision, perhaps take a moment and just say FUCK IT.

I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.’

Nelson Mandela