Discover the 5 KEYSTONE HABITS to upgrade your life!

The best part? They’re small and remarkably simple! But don’t underestimate their ability to create BIG CHANGE.

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So What's Inside?

Your habits are the key to unlocking your potential as they underpin EVERYTHING you do.

We’ve learned that what makes someone world class is less about genetics and more about their habits.

You don’t have to change dozens of habits to achieve your goals… changing just a few keystone ones creates a positive ripple effect on your life.

The number one habit on our list is the same one used by Billionaires, Icons and World Class Performers. If it’s good enough for them, then it’s good enough for us.

This guide will reveal what they are, why they work and how you can start implementing them in your life straight away.

Hey there, we're Cathy & Joe!


We’re corporate escapees, coffee lovers, adventurers and founders of Big Life Experiment.

11 years ago we were running the rat race working in high-stress jobs when we both went through breakdowns that turned into breakthroughs because they served as a wake up call to the fact we weren’t living life on our terms.

Since then we’ve been on a journey to create the life we wanted and it all started with overhauling our habits.

Cementing these small but powerful habits into our daily routine, ultimately led to us redefining our priorities so we could design a more fulfilling life taking us from dissatisfied professionals to living a life with more purpose and meaning.

It’s our goal to share with you the fundamental habits that shifted our lives so you too can jump into the driver’s seat of your life.

This guide is your starting point for change.

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