Get to Know Yourself So You Don’t Live a Life You Regret

I’m going to be pretty straight with you.

Do you fee like you know yourself?

Because for many years, if someone had asked me ‘do you know yourself’, I would have had to say no.

I was disconnected from myself because I allowed myself to be conditioned by my environment.

To be conditioned by the environment I grew up in and the culture I lived in. And the friends and family that surrounded me.

Because I allowed my fear, my doubt, my insecurity and self-judgment to make decisions in my life that weren’t true to who I am.

So for large parts of my life I lacked the self-confidence, the self-esteem and the self-belief to be me.

Top Regrets of the Dying

Bonnie Ware was a palliative care nurse who wrote a book called The Top 5 Regrets of the Dying. If you haven’t read it, I’d suggest checking it out.

In it she shares the top regrets her patients had about their life.

And one of the ones that kept coming up, was that her patients felt like they’d not lived a life true to themselves.

And the regret that resonated with me the most was the regret about not living a life true to themselves.

It resonated with me because for 20 years I allowed myself to go down a route that I didn’t want to go down.

And there are many reasons why this happened.

But essentially it came down to not knowing myself. Not knowing the real me.

Because I’d allowed my mind and the negative patterns and behaviours imprinted in it to drive my decisions to dictate my life.

So a major shift in my journey through life was to start getting to know myself.

How Meditation Can Help You Get to Know Yourself

And meditation played a key role in helping me.

Because by meditating, I began to build awareness of all my negative patterns and behaviours.

All my negative thoughts and emotions.

All my stories I was holding on to.

And when I meditated, I began to observe them and let them go, which freed me internally so I could see the real me.

And as a result I began to explore my life based on who I am, rather than who I’d been conditioned to be.

So what meditation did for me and can do for you, is to free you from being the person you think you should be.

To free you from the person you think you are.

It can help you get to know yourself.

To free your mind so you can be the true version of YOU.

And if that person is someone who wants a corporate career, a family and a mortgage.

Great. As long as that’s what you truly want.

If it means you want to live off off grid and disconnect from mainstream society.

Great. As long as that’s what you truly want.

What matters is that you’ve gotten to know yourself so you can make your life choices based on what YOU want, rather than striving to meet the expectations of your friends, your family or society.

Rather than creating a life which is driven by your fears, doubts, insecurities and judgments.

Your lack of self-esteem or self-confidence.

Because if you do, you might get to the end of your life like Bonnie Ware’s patients and regret that you never got to live life the way you really wanted to.

So whether it’s through learning meditation, shifting your mindset or any other means, take the time to get to know yourself.

Because if you do you’ll prevent yourself from living a life you regret.