Meditation is a Software Upgrade For The Mind

Have you ever considered how much your past experiences shape your present and your future?⁣

Maybe you’ve had some bad experiences in the past.⁣

Maybe friends laughed at your new haircut or the bold outfit you donned.⁣

Maybe you asked someone out or said I love you and you got rejected.⁣

Or perhaps you worked really hard on a project that failed.⁣

Or pitched an idea everyone thought was stupid.⁣

These experiences may have led to you not expressing yourself fully.⁣

Stopped you from putting yourself out there for fear of hurt and rejection or caused you to shy away from achieving your goals and sharing your ideas.⁣

Our thoughts and feelings from these experiences can become encoded into our brain and form the software we operate with.⁣

When a computer operating system becomes outdated and is no longer functioning at its optimum, you upgrade it to new software so it can operate at its best.⁣

Meditation basically does the same with your brain. It’s the biological version of a software update.⁣

By focusing on our breath when we practice we allow space for thoughts and feelings to arise and pass.⁣

Sometimes its just the day-to-day stuff, but at times it’s those uncomfortable moments from years or decades ago that surface.⁣

It can feel uncomfortable to relive them and our initial response may be to stuff it back down or push it away.⁣

But, if we allow those past experiences to surface, to play out and fade away, it gives us the opportunity to clear out the old software and give ourselves an upgrade, so we can start functioning at our best.