I believe that spending time watching or listening to inspiring people opens your mind and stimulates new ideas. And podcasts are my favourite way to learn.

Since listening to my first one in 2015 I’ve spent thousands of hours absorbing knowledge and information from them like a sponge.

My preference is for the longer podcasts (2-3 hours) because they’re more like conversations than interviews, meaning it’s a deep dive into learning and understanding the topic the guest is talking about.

But thankfully not all podcasts are that long!

The topics I listen to are broad and I’ve immersed myself in a wide range covering the following:

  • health, fitness, nutrition and lifestyle
  • self-development, mindset and leadership
  • science, politics, philosophy and history
  • psychedelics, plant medicines, mental health, meditation & spirituality

The podcasts below are the ones I most frequently listen to:

The Rich Roll Podcast

The School of Greatness

The Joe Rogan Experience

Aubrey Marcus Podcast

Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu

Under The Skin with Russell Brand