Revolution To Evolution: Rip Up The System

Sometimes it feels like you’re raging against the machine internally.

Battling against your internal system.

Your thoughts, your ideas and your beliefs.

It feels like chaos inside.

But the beauty of chaos is that chaos creates an opportunity for change.

An opportunity for you to transform.

So when the chaos ensues internally use that opportunity to rip up your old thoughts, ideas and beliefs.⁣

To put it bluntly, fuck them off, so you can build a new system with new thoughts, new ideas and new beliefs.⁣

And as you evolve you’ll probably need to rip those up too.⁣

It’s a fluctuation between revolution and evolution.⁣

A constantly changing system.⁣

A constant ebb and flow from one thought to the next.⁣

From one idea to the next.⁣

From one belief to the next.⁣

And in breaking down the old system, you’re rebuilding. ⁣

Rebuilding a new and improved version of you.

So embrace the chaos and rip up the system.