We Followed Our Hearts to Start a Dream Life

As we sat in the cafe thinking about what to do for my wife’s birthday, we started a conversation that would lead to us starting our dream life.

We were thinking of places to visit and she started telling me about a friend who had moved out of Sydney to start a new life away from the big city and it got us thinking…

‘Shall we move out of Sydney?’

This was the moment I’d been thinking about for years.

And now, maybe I could start to live the life I always wanted…

Living a Life You Don’t Want

Since I was teenager I’d always wanted to live life a bit differently, but the environment I grew up in didn’t really fit with the way I saw the world or my life panning out.

I went to a highly academic school where medicine, law and finance were the careers of choice.

But those careers never appealed to me. In fact I remember telling a friend that I’d be happy selling pineapples on a beach somewhere.

Partly because I was lazy if I’m being brutally honest, but also because building a career and being part of corporate culture just wasn’t me.

I’m a bit of a ‘hippie’ at heart and always saw myself doing something different, not living the big city lifestyle.

But because of my own shortcomings (insecurity, self-esteem, lack of confidence), I allowed my environment to have a strong influence over me, so I continued to jump through the hoops.

I went to university and got my degree before moving back to the city where I grew up – London – to start building a career.

And I ended up giving television production a go, starting out as a Researcher back in 2005.

Maybe not the most corporate of jobs, but I was still very much part of that culture and it wasn’t until 15 years later that I finally left it.

A ‘Nice Life’, but not a ‘Dream Life’

So I created a nice life. In fact an awesome life.

Great friends and family. An amazing wife. A nice home.

I had enough money to cover the essentials and to have some fun.

And working in TV was a great way to earn a living, but I always had this nagging feeling that it wasn’t for me.

Seizing the Moment to Create our Dream Life

So when we started talking about leaving Sydney to do our own thing and effectively start again in our late thirties, I could feel our hearts wanting us to take the leap of faith.

To give our dream life a shot.

I could feel it was now or potentially never and I wasn’t about to let this opportunity pass us by because moments where you get to make big changes in your life don’t come around often in my experience.

And we’d been talking about creating our dream life for years but never taken any action.

So when the opportunity arises and it feels right. Seize it, because it’s likely there won’t be a second chance.

Our Sliding Doors Moment

This is what I call a sliding doors moment.

A BIG MOMENT which you feel can have a BIG IMPACT on the direction of your life.

I could see very clearly that this decision would have a MASSIVE IMPACT on the direction of our lives.

I could see that if we didn’t say FUCK IT and go for it, then we would be stuck in a place we had been trying to get out of for so long.

Because I’ve experienced it before, those moments where you want to make a big decision but dont action it and the opportunity is gone and doesn’t return.

And I didn’t want to let this moment where we had the energy to make it happen pass. So I decided we were going to say FUCK IT and grab this opportunity with both hands.

So we re-engineered our lives to give ourselves the best chance of making it work.

Re-Engineering Our Lives to Create a Dream Life

Starting again at 37 is not an easy decision and our logical brain had lots of reasons to stop us from making the change.

We didn’t have any savings.

We didn’t know how we were going to make money. Some ideas but no plan.

So we sat down and started to plan out the financials.

How could we figure out our finances so we could afford to have a year to start again?

Thankfully we were in a privileged position because we owned a flat, so we decided to leverage what we had to create enough money to give the life of our a dreams a go.

We worked out all our living costs for a year, with the plan to work part-time on minimum wage to bring in some cash while we figured out how we would make money.

We decided to move out of the city to a regional area which meant lower living costs and lower house prices.

So with a clear vision on the finances, when we’d found the area we wanted to move to we hit the GO button.

And with the help of a few friends, in less than a month we had renovated and sold our flat in Sydney and bought a new one a 12 hour drive away in an area where we knew no one.

No fucking around.

Believe in Yourself

I had ideas about what I wanted to do. I’d been thinking about them for years, but had never taken action to make them happen.

But I decided to back myself.

We decided to back ourselves and to put ourselves in a position to build our dream life.

So while we planned and executed our move by looking at the finances, it was the heart that made the decision for us.

We just needed to make sure we could make it work financially, so we could give ourselves the best opportunity of not having to go back to the old life.

And once we’d done that, we didn’t fuck around.

We executed and went all in.

Enjoy the Ride

And as I write this just over a year later from making that decision I can say I’m glad we backed ourselves, because we’re creating something that feels meaningful and we know we can help people with what we create.

And I trust it’ll work because my heart and all my energy are going into it.

And I’m enjoying the ride because I’m finally living life my way.

On my terms.

With my rules.