Think Less And Make A Choice

Buying the right umbrella is REALLY important.

I once spent days researching umbrellas trying to find the perfect one because I’d just had one snap on me in the torrential rain and I didn’t want that to happen again.

So I wanted to make sure that I found one that would do the job REALLY well.

So I decided…

‘I’m going to get THE BEST umbrella’.

And down the rabbit hole I went for days…


Reading reviews.

Assessing the costs.

Thinking about the style.

The colour.

And you know what?

I never bought an umbrella.

Not even a shit one.

I got so exhausted searching for the perfect umbrella that I got fed up of looking at umbrellas so I just scrapped buying one altogether.

I probably sound a bit crazy spending all this time and energy trying to find ‘the best’ umbrella.

Yeah…I definitely went a bit crazy.

But how often do we do this in our daily life?

Trying to find the right option. THE BEST option.

From finding the perfect restaurant for a date to the best hotel for our holiday.

To the best workout, the perfect headphones or the right outfit.

We get stuck in our heads.



I’ve seen people agonise over a restaurant menu. It’s like they’re being tortured into eating some delicious food.

And then…

When the meal arrives…

They look at everyone else’s food and realize they’ve made a HUGE mistake.

Oh the pain!

The agony!!

‘I can’t believe I picked this delicious meal over that delicious meal”.

What was I thinking!’

Yeah, I’ve done this too.

It’s OK for your choice not to be perfect, the right one or ‘the best’.

At some point all this thinking is going to fuck with your head because you go round and round in circles getting attached to your choice.

A choice you’ve now invested so much time and energy into that if it’s not the right one you lose your shit.

Thinking about our choices takes energy and sometimes agonising over a choice we want to make takes up energy that could be better used elsewhere.

So next time you’re making one of these choices in your life just take a moment and ask yourself.

Do I need to think about this decision as much as I am?

Am I OK if my choice isn’t right, perfect or the best?

Is agonising over this decision a good use of my time and energy?

Or would it be better served elsewhere?