Do More Of What Makes You Happy

I’ve spent a lot of days in my life not being happy.

And a few years ago when I was really struggling with a bout of depression, I felt lost and unsure about what to do and how I would get out of my funk.

So I decided I at least needed to get out of the house, so I took myself off for a coffee at my favourite cafe.

How a Morning Coffee Changed My Happiness

Whilst waiting for my morning brew, I looked up at the wall and read the giant mural they have on their wall…

Do more of what makes you happy’.

I’d seen it before but hadn’t taken it in properly.

Until now…

A Moment of Inspiration

As I sat and contemplated the words I felt inspired.⁣

And I started creating a list of ALL the things that make me happy.⁣

After writing my list, I looked at it and reflected…⁣

‘These are the things that make me happy’.⁣

‘And if I want to bring more happiness into my life, perhaps I need to do more of what makes me happy and spend more of my time and energy on these things’.⁣

While there are many more experiences that I enjoy that didn’t make the list and new ones I haven’t discovered yet.⁣

The list I created are the core things that make me happy.

The Happiness Playlist

My experience with meditation has taught me that true happiness is created on the inside.⁣

And by doing the deep internal work when life gets challenging – work stress, relationship problems, money worry’s, illness – you can find a place to be OK with them.⁣

You can even be happy.⁣

And while I firmly believe that long lasting happiness is built on the inside, it doesn’t mean that things on the outside cannot bring us happiness too.⁣

Experiences externally can bring a lot of joy into our lives. ⁣

So whether you’re feeling down or not, I’ll invite you to answer this question:

What makes you happy?

Creating Your Happiness Playlist

I’d encourage you to sit down with a pad and pen when you have time and write out all the things that make you happy.⁣

And once you’re done, ask yourself.

‘Am I doing these things that make me happy?’⁣

‘Could I be doing more of them?’⁣

Maybe it’ll just be a nice reminder of all the things that make you happy.⁣

Perhaps you’ll be surprised what pops into your head as you begin to write.

Or maybe you’ll become aware that you’re doing things that AREN’T making you happy and that maybe you need to think about letting them go.⁣

Taking a moment every now and again to reflect on your life, whether your happy or sad is important.

So every now and again make sure you take some time to do so. Even if it’s just a few minutes to write your happiness list.