How Other People Crush Your Dreams

Be mindful who you share your dreams with…

When you tell people your dreams, but have no idea of how you’ll get there.

No experience in what you want to do.

Or it’s outside of the status quo.

You can feel their doubt pierce you like a knife.

Their thoughts and feelings can easily become yours. 

Their doubt can make you doubt yourself.

And as the doubt creeps in, you can lose trust in yourself.

And the belief in your dreams.

But it’s not their fault if they don’t understand your ideas and aspirations.

People don’t mean to crush your dreams.

People have the habit of projecting their fears, their insecurities and their limiting beliefs on to you.

Because they can only see the world through their lens which is created through their knowledge, experience and understanding of life.

Unfortunately that can make you feel like you’re a dreamer with no hope of making your dreams a reality.

And this is where I, and many people, have crumbled.

Sometimes their doubt can spark a fire in you to prove the doubters wrong.

But a lot of the time, the doubt can shatter your dream into a million pieces.

So do you share your dreams or not?

It requires you to be discerning, because the people who love you the most may in fact be the least supportive.

So if you’ve got big dreams, big ideas and big ambitions consider keeping them to yourself until you’ve begun working towards them.

Or you’ve created an unbreakable mindset.

So your dreams don’t get crushed before they start.

Joe : )