Struggle Leads To Growth. Remember To Enjoy The Journey

It’s good to have goals and something to aim for. 

Something you want to achieve.

But the problem comes when we become so fixated on the end point that we’re always chasing the future.

And when we’re always chasing the future, we’re never happy with where we’re at right now because we’re so eager to finish and achieve our goal. To achieve the end result.

If all we do is focus on the destination, we don’t get to see all the good that can come from making mistakes or from overcoming obstacles and challenges.

Instead, we just see them as issues and problems slowing us down. 

Stopping us from getting to our destination.

Stopping us from achieving our goal.

Which can lead to us getting annoyed, frustrated or perhaps even angry. 

But when we learn to stay present with what we’re doing on each step of the journey. 

To be OK with whatever is happening right now, we get to enjoy the journey.

So rather than wishing or wanting it to be over and seeing mistakes, obstacles and problems as a pain in the arse.

We start to see them with a different perspective.

We get to see them as moments when we get to learn and grow.

Because the deepest satisfaction isn’t in achieving the result.

It’s in overcoming the obstacles and challenges that it takes to get there.

It’s in realising that these moments are the small wins that build up to the big win.

So remember to enjoy the journey. 

The struggles. 

The problems. 

The obstacles. 

The mistakes.

Because these are the learning opportunities and small wins that ultimately lead to you achieving your goal.

And allow you to improve. 

And create a better version of the person who started the journey.