How To Stop Living On Autopilot

Are you living on autopilot?

It’s a bit of a trick question really because we’re all living on autopilot to an extent!

Our brain automates most of our life to conserve energy. This is awesome when it comes to our routines and beneficial habits.

But there is such a thing as too much autopilot…

Where you’ve actually just pressed the cruise control button on your life.

You know what I mean…

👉 Living the same week on repeat

👉 Staying in your comfort zone (which is actually starting to feel pretty uncomfortable)

👉 Rushing from one responsibility to the other with no time to reflect on how you’re feeling or what you’re doing

👉 Waking up feeling a bit ‘blah’ or stuck

👉 Pleasing everyone else leaving no energy for what you want

👉 Wondering where the time has gone and feeling like you’ve not accomplished anything despite being ‘busy’

When we live too much on autopilot, it’s like we’re a passenger in our own lives.

We disengage from both our present and our future.

We often make unhelpful choices when it comes to our habits and behaviours.

We feel like life is happening TO us rather than us making life happen.

Sound familiar? 

4 Ways to Switch Off Autopilot Mode And Get Yourself Back in The Driver’s Seat of Your Life.

#1 Pause and reflect

This is about more than just slowing down. It’s about creating space to mindfully reflect. The more intentional awareness you create, the more time you’ll be spending out of autopilot mode. Reflect on where your life is at now and where it’s heading.

Ask yourself: Am I enjoying what I’m doing? Am I spending time on things that fill my soul? Am I making time for what matters most in life? 

Yes this can be confronting but it’s also vital if you want to improve your life!

#2 Set your GPS

Creating a vision for your life is so powerful because it gives you purpose and direction. It’s like setting your life GPS with an intentional destination.

What are you working towards in the next couple of years? Where’s your focus and energy going? Are you clear with the direction you’re heading?

#3 Rate your routines

Your habits are creating your future so check in with your routines and see if they’re supporting or distracting you from the future you want.

Do an audit and see which ones need an upgrade, which ones need reducing or stopping altogether.

Don’t let your routines dictate your life – let your life dictate your routines.

#4 Try something new!

Get out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself to try something new. Expand your horizons by learning something. Do something just for fun.

Bring new experiences into your life. Experiment and follow your curiosity so you’re growing and evolving!

Exploring your potential and getting out of your comfort zone is how you feel ALIVE! 

And feeling alive is the opposite of autopilot ✨

Joe : )