3 Words That Kill So Many Dreams 

“I’m not ready”

I’ve heard a LOT of reasons why people don’t pursue their dreams.

And these 3 innocent words ^^ are some of the worst culprits.

Have you said any of these to yourself before:

👉 I’m not ready to start the business

👉 I’m not ready to put myself out there

👉 I’m not ready to share my creativity with the world

What we want to realise when it comes to creating our ideal life – aka our BIG LIFE…

Our brains will NEVER allow us to feel ready.

It’s going to come up with all sorts of ways to trick us into staying in our comfort zone.

Because our brain is focused on survival and conserving energy.

And going after our dreams is UNCERTAIN and takes ENERGY.

One of the ways our brain can keep us in this ‘not ready’ trap is by telling us we need to research more and learn more.

We can get stuck in learning mode for months – even YEARS!

It’s sneaky because it can feel like we’re working on our dream.

But really we’re just gathering information and we haven’t made any real progress.

At some point the information you’re seeking will not be found through learning more.

It’s going to be found by taking ACTION!

Clarity comes through action and by actually starting to create that idea in your mind.

Which is why you just have to get started.

And starting small is awesome.

Starting small reduces the friction our brain feels about stepping out of our comfort zone.

Small actions done repeatedly over time can create massive transformation.

The more action you take, the more confidence you’ll build and the more ready you’ll feel to take the next step and the next.

We got stuck in the trap of waiting for the perfect time to change our lives.

Until late 2019 when we were so sick and tired of being sick and tired!

I knew I HAD to make a change so I got out of research mode and into action.

3 years later I’ve created SO much of what I was once dreaming of; building a business around my passions, helping others change their lives, spending 12 months travelling as digital nomad, enjoying more time with my friends and family in the UK and much more.

Whether you start going for your dreams today or in 3 years…

You’re still going to face discomfort, hurdles and challenges along the way – it’s part of process.

But in 3 years time you could actually be living the life you’re currently dreaming of.

If you start NOW.

I invite you to think about something you’ve been wanting to do towards your BIG LIFE but haven’t felt ready for.

What if you just said yes to it?

Because you might not feel ready to start…

But I bet you feel ready to show up for yourself.

Joe : )