Why It’s Important To Become The Scientist of Your Life

After years of relentless experimentation, constant questioning and following our curiosity…

Plus taking a few risks (big and small)…

Cathy and I finally figured out the direction we wanted to take our lives.

And the truth is… we’re still figuring it out.

In fact, we always will be.

Because as we continue to invest time and energy into crafting our Big Life, we evolve and grow.

And so too do our goals, dreams and priorities.

Part of this evolution saw us take a leap in 2019, quitting our careers and selling our flat to go fully after the life we truly wanted.

Even though we already had a ‘nice life’ – awesome friends, good job with decent salaries, great home – deep down something felt off.

Our jobs left us stressed, burnt out and with little time or energy to enjoy our life as much as we wanted.

We craved more soul fulfilling work that would have a positive impact on people’s lives.

But we also wanted more than that.

We wanted our life to be filled with experiences and adventures.

We wanted more time with the people we love and more time to do the things we love.

What we’ve discovered from 10+ years of inner work, is that the map to figuring out what we wanted for our lives was inside of us.

Which required time and space to join the dots.

Plus an immense amount of self-awareness and self-reflection.

And following our curiosity, relentlessly experimenting and taking messy action… again and again and again.

We’ve done this through meditation, yoga, silent retreats, walks in nature and time in solitude.

We’ve moved numerous times since 2011 – living in different suburbs in the same city, as well as living in different countries.

We’ve changed our diets, our exercise regime, our routines, our daily habits, our friends and our lifestyle.

We’ve played with different tools and practices – breathwork, gratitude, hypnosis, NLP, meditation, yoga, kung fu and therapy.

Creating the life we want – our BIG LIFE – has taken 1000s of experiments.

As well as 1000s of hours of practice.

Not everything has gone to plan or worked out the way we would like.

Not everything we’ve done has been enjoyable.

And that’s all been part of the process.

How can you know what works without trying it out first?

How can you know what’s right without getting out of your head and into action?

Life is about trial and feedback.

NOT trial and error.

There are no errors.

Only feedback guiding you towards the next, most aligned direction.

We encourage you to become the scientist of your life.

To play, experiment and try things out.

And then reflect on what you’ve experienced.

Do you keep doing it or do you pivot?

Did you enjoy the experience or did you not?

Did it serve you and the life you want or not?

Taking action can lead to clarity and insight.

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”

– Lao Tzu

What’s one thing you can explore or experiment with over the next week to move your life in the direction you want to go?

Joe : )