The “True Cost” of Going For Your BIG LIFE

Getting clear on what you want for your life is a crucial first step when designing your Big Life.

Once you have that clarity… making it happen is where the real work begins.

And in my experience, it’s not just what you’re willing to ‘do’ to make it happen, but what you’re willing to let go of.

Here’s a snapshot of what I’ve ‘given up’ over the last few years to go for my Big Life:

➡️ 6 figure salaries

I walked away from my career because it felt soul sucking to me, choosing instead to follow my joy, pursue my passions and go after my dreams.

While it meant an adjustment in my budget, I was prepared to take the short term hit because I knew that working for myself had no financial cap in the long run.

➡️ Socialising as much

I’ve worked through many weekends to make the changes I want and worked 6 days a week for months while juggling part-time jobs and my business.

This meant cutting down on socialising and I’ve been ok with it because I know the life of freedom I’m creating ultimately gives me more time to socialise and I now love the work I do. 

➡️ Drinking alcohol regularly

I’ve taken several big breaks from alcohol in the last 5+ years (the longest was 8 months) because I knew it made me less productive and I had big goals to focus on.

➡️ Watching TV

I NEVER put the TV on in my home (which is ironic considering my wife and I worked in TV for over a decade).

Sometimes I watch Netflix but it’s rare these days and I’m always intentional when I do.

I swapped it for reading, connecting and learning instead.

➡️ Attachment to what other’s think

This is an ongoing process but the more I get clear on what I want, the more I learn to stand confidently in it.

Everyone will give you their opinion if you let them but ultimately it’s not their life to live and I do not want to please someone else at the expense of pleasing myself.

I say I ‘gave up’ these ^^ things in quotation marks because I’ve consciously chosen not to do them and it hasn’t felt like I’ve given anything up.

Do you need to do exactly the same to create the changes you want?

Not at all…

But when you want to transform your life, your goals and vision WILL require something of you.

They will require you to make space for them by letting some things go.

And it’s your choice to decide what they’ll be.

Joe : )