Living ‘The Prescribed Life’: A Quiet Dissatisfaction

You have a nice life…

Good friends. Good career. Nice house.

Your life looks great to the outside world.

There’s nothing to complain about.

But on the inside something isn’t right.

You can hear a voice that whispers from time to time.

‘Is this it?’

You can feel it inside of you.

A feeling of discontent.

A feeling of desperation.

A feeling of unhappiness with the way things are.

And the questions keep on coming.

‘Is this my life?’

‘Is this what I want?’

‘Surely there has to be more?’

This is the whisper of a quiet dissatisfaction from following the status quo.

And living what I call ‘The Prescribed Life’.

A life you’ve been sold and guided into living.

A life you’ve been led to believe is the path to happiness and success.

A life you live, but didn’t consciously choose.

And deep down you’re questioning it all.

You crave for something different.

For something more.

Because right now your life is on autopilot.

Moving from one day to the next without much thought or intention.

You’re not sure why you keep continuing with it…

But you do.

Counting down the days to the weekend.

To escape the monotony.

To escape your reality.

To escape the truth.

You’re comfortable. Too comfortable.

Yet it’s this comfort holding you back.

Because change is hard.

You’re lost, confused and directionless.

Feeling trapped, stuck and unfulfilled.

You don’t know what to change or how to go about it.

And that’s OK, because you’ve probably spent the last 10, 20, maybe 30+ plus years living ‘The Prescribed Life’.

It’s the life your friends live.

The life your parents live.

And the life most people in society live.

It’s what you know.

And it’s given you a good life.

An education, a degree and a good career.

A nice home and good friends.

Maybe even a family.

Your ‘Prescribed Life’ is in full-swing, yet you’re not.

Can you change?

Is it too late?

If you did, what would you do?

What do you even want?

If you can hear the whisper.

If you can feel the discontent eating away inside of you.

Eating away at your soul.

Then change is possible because you’re aware that something’s not right.

Aware that something needs to change.

Aware that there’s more for you to experience than the ‘nice life’ you’re living.

There’s a door to a new life waiting to be opened and explored.

And now the time has come to find the key and open it.

Joe : )